During the first three months of the 6th semester, the emphasis moves to preparing you for your professional career as a designer in the design industry, with courses such as Media Law, Coaching, Digital Portfolio and Career Development – relevant for both full-time employment and working as a freelance designer or illustrator.

The final 6 months at the HTK – Academy of Design are not all about theory by any means! 

Your greatest challenge so far as a designer awaits you during the 6th semester: the final, major design project for the final examination. You are required to propose and develop your own individual concept for this project and, if approved, to design and implement this concept during the final 3 months of the course. 

To allow you the sufficient time to prepare your major project, you will have no regular seminars or classes during this phase of the course. You will be able to schedule appointments, however, with your personal project tutor: the lecturer who perhaps best understands your talents and can provide constructive feedback for your design project.

The presentation, exhibition and assesment of your final examination project, your portfolio of finished course projects takes place during the last month of the course. The board of examiners consists of professionals from the design industry, eg. creative directors from advertising agencies, designers from publishing companies, marketing or human resources executives from design companies. These external examiners, together with representatives from the Academy: directorate and course lecturers, form the board of examiners, providing a balanced and objective assement.

The grading for the final examination is based on the major design project, as well as the final portfolio of projects and assignments and the grades during the 3-year course. Following a successful final examination, you will be awarded a certificate, confirming the grades from the final examination and successful completion of the training course in Visual Communication. Furthermore, the final grade may be awarded with or without distinction, depending on the assessment of the board of examiners. 

Your certificate will be awarded to you formally during an awards evening, to which you are welcome to invite your family and friends to join you in recognising and celebrating your achievement as a qualified Communications Designer!

Visitors to the HTK - Academy of Design are welcome to view our permament exhibitions of creative and innovative projects, showing examples of both course assignments and final design projects. These examples of advertising design, digital media, editorial design and illustration confirm the quality of training we offer, as well as the fact that so many of our alumni have begun successful careers in Visual Communication: in Germany or internationally.

You are also more than welcome to view examples of both course assignments and final design projects in our Online Gallery and in the HTK - Hall of Fame, in which we present the design work and professional careers of some of the HTK - Academy of Design’s best and most successful Communication Designers.

Following your successful completion of the HTK - Academy of Design course in Visual Communication, the next step is to begin your professional career and start applying for internships or exployment in design companies and so on. You may wish for greater independence and flexibility and so choose the equally challenging path of the freelance designer, illustrator, photographer etc.  

There is perhaps another option you may wish to consider: providing your high school qualifications fulfil the entrance requirements for a German university, you may decide to apply to enroll on a Bachelor of Arts (BA) course in design.

The degree courses offered by the BTK - University of Art & Design combine practical design projects and research assignments with a more theoretical, academic study of art and design in degree programs such as BA Photography, BA Motion Design, BA Illustration etc. The BTK - University of Art & Design offers various degree courses at three Campus locations: in Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn. Though many of these degree course are taught in German, some courses are also offered in English. 

Finally, for those of you who wish to study beyond the level of Bachelor of Arts, the Berlin Campus offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree program in Media Spaces and, starting in October 2016, MA Photography. Both Master of Arts progams are in English.

Further information about the BTK – University of Art & Design can be found here.

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