As well as using traditional teaching methods and training techniques, the HTK – Academy of Design places great emphasis on modern design technology. Right from the start of the course, you will have access to - and be shown how to use - the same hardware and software used by professional designers working in design studios, publishing companies, advertising and multimedia agencies. This helps provide you with the optimal skills, knowledge and experience to begin your career in the design industry, following the successful completion of the training course.

Not only will we teach you how to use the latest design and digital media software, we provide free access to e-mail and the internet through our Campus Wi-Fi networks, so that you can communicate, store and send data throughout the 3-year training course.

The HTK - Academy of Design in both Hamburg and Berlin has a network of Apple iMac computers and Apple PowerBook laptops, printers, scanners and servers, as well as other hardware for creative projects such as photography, lighting and sound equipment and facilities.


Mobile classrooms with Apple MacBook Pro laptops
• Fixed classrooms with Apple iMac computers
• Professional digital SLR cameras
• Portable photography studio with lighting and background art
• Portable spotlight
• Mobile sound equipment for sound mixing and recording


• Adobe Creative Suite® including Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign®, Adobe Dreamweaver® etc.
• Maxon Cinema 4D XL®
• Dragon Frame


In both Campus Hamburg and Campus Berlin, the HTK - Academy of Design has its own Wi-Fi networks (in Germany, Wi-Fi is known as WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network), providing you with free access to e-mail and the internet.

Furthermore, the HTK – Academy of Design has its own Intranet, to you have 24/7 access to information about individual courses, using a normal webbrowswer and your login data.

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