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Are you interested in developing your creative ideas and artistic talents? Do you have the motivation to take your design skills to the next level - on a challenging 3-year vocational training course in Visual Communication?
HTK - Academy of Design is the right place for you! 

Since 1987 in Hamburg and 2001 in Berlin, the HTK - Academy of Design has trained thousands of successful communication designers for a diverse range of creative professions in the international design industry.

Our 3-year vocational training course provides a general foundation in a wide variety of design disciplines and, in the higher semesters, the opportunity to select specific course options from the key areas of Visual Communication: Advertising Design, Digital Media, Editorial Design and Illustration. 

You have the choice of when and where to start the Visual Communication training course at the HTK - Academy of Design:
In April or October? In Hamburg or Berlin?

Course options


In the 4th and 5th semesters, you have the opportunity to select specific course options from the key areas of Visual Communication: Advertising Design, Digital Media, Editorial Design and Illustration. The range of course options enable you develop and focus your creativity, skills and experience in those areas of design which interest and inspire you the most.



Illustrations are much more than simply a visual representation of a character or particular scene in a book. Illustration is about visual storytelling and is used in so many media: in books, magazines, brochures, comics, graphic novels, advertising campaigns, packaging for products, films and the gaming industry. 

Illustrators design and create images – whether they prefer to use pencil, pen, brush, ink, paint, paper, canvas, or draw digitally, eg. with a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop – for so many aspects of Visual Communication: storyboards for movies and commercials, layouts for advertising campaigns, concepts and character designs for computer games and films, animations for movies and websites, as well as illustrations for newspapers and magazines, comics, books and children’s books. 

Concept Design, Storyboard, Comic, Game Design, Book Design, Experimental Illustration

[Individual courses may vary between Campus Hamburg und Campus Berlin.]

Illustration Gallery

Digital Media


Do you enjoy imaging exciting sequences of images – like a scene from a movie or a video game, with music, sound and special effects? How about using the opening and ending title sequences to tell part of your story? What about using live action combined with animation or computer generated imagery?

Then welcome to the world of Digital Media! Communication designers are visual storytellers and, with digital media, you are able to combine text, images, audio, music and sound effects into a visual time sequence and bring your ideas to life!

At the HTK - Academy of Design we place a special emphasis on combining your individual creativity with the latest technical know-how so that you can create short films, animations and motion designs for a variety of Visual Communication projects. 

3D Design, UI/UX Interface Design, Motion Design, Film Production, Game Design

[Individual courses may vary between Campus Hamburg und Campus Berlin.]

Digital Media Gallery

Advertising Design


Advertising is the art of presentation and persuasion, through the subtle combination of images, words and, above all, ideas. Advertising is about brands, companies and institutions communicating visually with selected audiences, to promote and provide information about their products, services, cultural events or social issues.

Successful, memorable and award-winning advertising campaigns are created by people just like you: designers with exceptional levels of creativity; designers who understand how people think and feel; designers who can present those ideas through the exciting and aesthetic use of images, typography and layout: visual storytelling. 

With so many brands on the market and so many stories that need to be told, advertising agencies employ creative teams of art directors and copywriters: designers with lots of ideas, and the flexibility to consider the relevant cultural, sociological and economic factors. At the HTK – Academy of Design we help you to create exciting and innovative multichannel advertising campaigns in print, online, film etc. 

And, let’s be honest: who doesn’t want to win awards just for having great ideas?

Digital Campaign, Packaging, Integrated Advertising

[Individual courses may vary between Campus Hamburg und Campus Berlin.]

Advertising Gallery



Traditionally magazines, brochures, books, comics, graphic novels, were all printed paper products. Today, of course, through ePublishing, interactive digital publications and eBooks are also part of our everyday lives. Which makes good Editorial Design more important than ever!

Editorial Design is the art of composing text, images and graphic elements in a layout, capturing the attention of the reader and attractively presenting information and ideas – in both printed and digital forms.

Good editorial designers also consider the content of a publication, the target audience, the possibilites offered by the media – analog and digital – to create an interesting and concept and quality design. At the HTK – Academy of Design you learn how to do this, together with the subtleties of typography, the dynamics of page layout and the requirements of the production phase. 


Concept Design, Storyboard, Comic, Game Design, Book Design, Experimental Illustration

[Individual courses may vary between Campus Hamburg und Campus Berlin.]

Editorial Gallery


Thank you for your interest in HTK Academy of Design! For your complete application you need to upload your creative portfolio of 15-20 works, ideally created in different possible techniques of photography, illustration, artwork, filming, typography or whatever represents your creative mind!

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